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PLEASE NOTE: We have NEW dropoff / pickup procedures this year!

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News To try to decrease the traffic backups on the roads surrounding our school, Kendall Elementary has new procedures for those who drive their students to school.

Car traffic will now be behind the school, on the road that connects the Kendall and Justice campuses. (The drive at the front of the building will now be used for buses.)

PLEASE NOTE: The entrance to the Kendall Elementary dropoff / pickup line is now on Miller Avenue; it travels through the Justice Intermediate School parking lot and onto the road between the two schools, and the dropoff / pickup zone is behind Kendall Elementary. We also ask that you make a right turn only out of this drive when you leave, so that traffic continues to move smoothly, without large delays as people wait to turn. It may take you a block or two away from your usual route, but we believe it will speed up the dropoff / pickup process. 

Please review the map below (click for a larger version), to make sure you know where you need to be to drop off or pick up your student. In addition, please see below for information about car tags and other pickup procedures. We look forward to seeing you on the first day of school, Thursday, Aug. 10! It will take patience and teamwork during the transition period while we all get used to this new process, but we believe it will be worth it in the long run, as traffic delays are decreased!


Parents/guardians will receive “Authorized Car Pick-Up” tags from Kendall Elementary at the beginning of the school year. One tag needs to be visible in the car that is picking up your student(s) at the end of each school day in the dismissal zone. This tag is REQUIRED for car pickup.

Only those authorized to pick your student up from school should have these tags. If there is a change of plans with who is picking up your student, please write a note to your teacher and/or the office regarding the change.

When you arrive at Kendall, you will need to enter through the Justice Intermediate School parking lot on Miller Avenue. All traffic in the pickup lane is to remain single-file. DO NOT pull up beside other cars, unless directed to do so by a Kendall staffer! Also, remember: You MUST have your "Authorized Car Pick-up" tag displayed in your car to be able to pick up your student in this drive! If you do not have a tag, follow the procedures outlined below.

If at any time you lose your tag, please come to the office to get a new one. No altered tags will be accepted for dismissal.


Please also note that parents/guardians are not allowed to stand outside any doors to pick up their students. Instead, if you have a tag, please stay in your car and follow the dismissal process outlined above. If you do not have a tag, or prefer to walk up to pick up your student, you must park your vehicle (if applicable) in the parking lot (not in the pick-up drive!) and come to the school office. No walk-up pickups will be allowed outside the gym or any other external door. You must come to the office. Also note: When crossing the pickup drive in front of the school, you must use the marked crosswalk for office pickup.

If there is a change of plans with who is picking up your student, please write a note to your teacher and/or the office regarding the change.


Families with preschoolers at the Kendall Elementary building can park in the lot in front of Kendall and bring their children in. PLEASE be sure to use the marked crosswalk to cross the drive in front of the building, as that lane will be used for bus traffic this year.

If your student attends preschool at the Justice Intermediate building, you will continue to park along the safe zone outside of the doors on the north side of the Justice building, or in the nearby parking spots.